Robot bartender can't offer shoulder to cry on

Via Liveleak.

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5 Responses to Robot bartender can't offer shoulder to cry on

  1. keef says:

    A couple college acquaintances of mine put together a “robot” bartender:

    It could actually mix basic drinks, but it couldn’t weld when it wasn’t dispensing alcohol. Also it didn’t ask for tips, it kept a tab that the operators would collect from you on a monthly basis.

  2. craiig says:

    Are you saying that if I don’t tip this thing, it’s going to weld me?

  3. beerorkid says:

    Shocked this vid spread so much. Orig at vimeo in better quality.

    It spends its days welding, but for 3 days a year it pours beer from Empyrean Ales here in Lincoln Nebraska during the open house. TMCO is one block from my house and they have so much cool stuff. Laser cutting robots, metal punching stuff. They do lots of parts for big name brands and run the largest powdercoating place in the area.

  4. Random_Tangent says:

    Very clever. It’s way cheaper to program him to think he’s being tipped than to actually do it.

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