Excellent Russian Fire Extinguisher Speaker Mod

It's a fact: all the best hardware modders come from Russia. Perhaps its a genetic imprint left behind by 70 years of Stalinism forced everyone to cludge together a solution from flotsam pieces of state-branded tech, everyone in Russia seems to be a maker at heart. Some more proof to add to the growing evidence pool of Russian genius: a plucky Russian modder created a set of excellent speakers out of two rusty old fire extinguishers. He repainted them in the end, which is a bit of a shame — I prefer the rust aesthetic — but its still gorgeous work. But how do they sound? Fire Extinguisher Speakers [Top Mods via Technabob]
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2 Responses to Excellent Russian Fire Extinguisher Speaker Mod

  1. Not a Doktor says:

    I just hope it doesn’t blow-out

  2. Anonymous says:


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