Two words: rectal retractor. The horrors of the BCMA Medical Museum

Perusing BCMA's online medical museum, you can tell simply by the categories which will contain the rusted hooks, scrapers and separators that are wielded in your hospital nightmares. The anaesthesiology section is okay; you won't see anything particularly horrifying in Nutrition; Oriental Medicine is usually a safe zone unless they start pulling out thigh-lengthed needles to plunge into your spine. But then you miscalculate and click on Ophthalmology, confronted with the horrors of a speculum and a scoop. Dentistry is an exhibit entirely devoted to the ways in which manic 19th century dentists could break out tiny pieces of your skeleton, and proctology? There, even fears to tread. BCMA Medical Museum [Official Site via OhGizmo!]
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3 Responses to Two words: rectal retractor. The horrors of the BCMA Medical Museum

  1. cha0tic says:

    “In relief on the back of the power unit is manufacturer’s details ‘WELCH ALLYN AUBURN, N.Y. U.S.A.’ and ‘SHOCK FREE A.C.110-120V-60CY.”

    Shock Free. That’s a nice design feature for something that’s going to be stuck up your arse.

  2. hohum says:

    No comments here? Really?

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    They were speechless.

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