Uniqlo to turn mimes into "human vending machines" in Times Square

It is commonly observed that the only real pleasure to be eked out of the "art" of mime is by locking the albino mutes in transparent acrylic coffins, setting them up on street corners and see how long it takes for pedestrians to realize that his frantic "trapped in box" act is not merely an annoying performance, but actually that mime's own hilarious throes of asphyxiation. Uniqlo knows this. On Tuesday, November 18th, they will converge on Time Square and lock a number of mimes into "human vending machines." Supposedly, the mimes will distribute free pairs of Heat Tech Innerwear, which seems to be some high-tech thermal underwear solution, but I suspect a cannier strategy on Uniqlo's part: what could net them better publicity than the public execution of homo sapiens' cockroaches, the filthy mime? Expect cyanide tablets to drop minutes after the mimes' entombment. Uniqlo to stage best promotion ever in Times Square [New York Mag]
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