Mercenaries 2 DLC lets you roll with Barack and Palin

As the mellifluous wordsmiths over at Gearfuse point out, there is little reason to buy Mercenaries 2, which they label "the most mediocre game, ever." That's just about right. Still, Pandemic's latest DLC pack does at least have one ebullient grab at fun relevancy: it allows you to play as either Barack Obama or Sarah Palin, stealing tanks, slitting throats and blow up helicopters. Not worth buying the game for, but I imagine we'll see some fun YouTube videos out of it. [via Gearfuse]
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11 Responses to Mercenaries 2 DLC lets you roll with Barack and Palin

  1. paulj says:

    #6, I know one of the developers. Pandemic had some good developers on Mercs 2, and some management who thought the pointy-haired boss from Dilbert was a role model. That has a big effect on how problems get escalated and resolved, how milestones get met, etc. Getting bought by EA only compounded the problems, not to mention releasing it just as the economy nose-dived. Still, it’s nice to see this DLC pack make it out before the election.

  2. Immortal Time Keeper says:

    From the looks of this video, one thing we can do to get the States out of debt is to pull our troops out of Iraq and hire out Obama and Palin as mercs to gain some money.

    Mercs 2, on the other hand is a rental/loaner. The game is not good enough to make it into the buy-it category.

  3. kirkjerk says:

    Great game but flawed. Probably the best Tank-driving game we’ve seen in a long while.

  4. mdh says:

    I think Barack needs a light saber, and Sarah needs a double light saber.

  5. AirPillo says:

    Wait, Pandemic made that game?

    They made the Battlezone games (the derivatives of the arcade one, not the original), they used to be good developers :(

  6. Gutierrez says:

    So I guess McCain was a tad too “edgy” to put in given his past?

  7. rick386 says:

    Is this our candidates supporting our armed forces?

  8. Anonymous says:

    @Gutierrez: I guess Biden required too much voicework for their budget, too.

    (PS: Why does my brain keep defaulting to “Debian” every time I try to type Biden?)

  9. sluggo says:

    I’m disappointed it doesn’t allow you to play as John McCain, then get captured, released, and then talk about it every virtual waking moment.

  10. urshrew says:

    Mercenaries 2 is lame? Damn. I was actually looking forward to that one. I’m not surprised, but how do game companies take such a decent premise and screw it up so easily?

  11. Matt Sanderson says:

    Pay no attention to the naysayers. Mercenaries 2 is an excellently fun little game. It has bugs, but it’s still a great bit of sandbox mass destruction. Seriously. Don’t let off-hand comments deter anyone from giving it a try. Just don’t expect Bioshock from it, and you’ll be fine.

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