The Bullet: tiny wireless router plugs into any antenna for powerful unidirectional WiFi

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Unless someone announces a netbook that turns into a spaceship, this is probably the most awesome thing I'll see all day: The Bullet, an 802.11abg gadget that plugs into any antenna. Plug the other into your network and voila: 1000mW of broadcast power that your standard wireless access point does not have. The included AirOS software has all of the features you'd expect from a traditional router–bridge mode, uPnP, NAT, DHCP, port forwarding, web-based configuration, etc.,–but it's open source and comes with an SDK. The unit itself has an Atheros CPU, 16MB of RAM and 4MB of flash, 100 Mbps ethernet, and up to 1000mW of broadcast power, in the forthcoming HD edition. It requires power over ethernet. A lesson I learned from my adventures with Pringles Cans is that it's easy to forget about the uplink: point-to-point WiFi hookups work much better with the signal boosted at both ends. But as this thing is just $40, that's not an expensive problem. Product Page [UBNT]

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3 Responses to The Bullet: tiny wireless router plugs into any antenna for powerful unidirectional WiFi

  1. roboton says:

    @2: Considering that my Cisco 1100 (a 500 dollar new) WAP only does 100 mW, 1W is pretty dang sweet…

  2. dculberson says:

    Freakin’ Awesome. And by that, I mean totally sweet.

  3. spazzm says:

    1000mW? That would be 1W, wouldn’t it?

    I guess that sounds less cool on the marketing blurb.

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