The Pramulator bomb shaped baby carriage

Spotted by our happy welding lads at MAKE, John Knotts' gorgeous, Enola Gay shaped baby carriage, christened the Pramulator... the perfect mode of conveyance for the larval progeny of history's great lothario, Mr. Slim Pickens. Pramularo [Bent Fabrication via MAKE]
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5 Responses to The Pramulator bomb shaped baby carriage

  1. SlyBevel says:

    Uh, this would be closer to the Enola Gay if it looked like a B-29 Superfortress Bomber, because that’s what she was (Is! Turns out she’s still around).

    Her cargo, the Little Boy, would be a closer comparison.

  2. wafna says:

    Anish Kapoor Cloud Pram.

  3. Gainclone says:

    Perfect for a baby named Tsar Bomba.

    Which, now that I think about it, is a great baby name. Explosive reference, powerful and kingly, and less suggestive than “Massive Ordinance Penetrator.”

  4. iandavid says:

    Via MAKE… or via BoingBoing, circa 2005?


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