Cyber Commander flash remote for DSLRs

Cyber Commander is a radio remote control for camera flashes. It's got tons of features in its $180 price — the ability to control up to sixteen lights from up to 400 feet away, including not just triggering their flash but changing settings — but it would be entirely reasonable to lust after the unit by dint of its neato LCD display atop your DSLR. The Cyber Commander will be available soonish (before 2009) from manufacturer AlienBees, but remember that you'll also have to buy receivers for each of your flashes, as well, making the price deceptively low unless, like me, you might not actually buy any flashes to trigger remotely at all. Cyber Commander CyberSync Plus product page [ via Strobist via Sorrel & Co.]
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One Response to Cyber Commander flash remote for DSLRs

  1. Patrick Austin says:

    Except it can’t control the power levels on lights other than Paul Buff/AB stuff, so it’s no better than a Pocketwizard or whatever.

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