"Drug Lords", a Drug Wars clone for iPhone

"Drug Lords", a version of the venerable Dope Wars game for the iPhone, uses real world location data to vary the prices of drugs. I've never thought Drug Wars was much of a game, but being able to compare scores of other players in real life might be enough to get me to plunk down a few bucks if and when it ever comes to the App Store. Drug Lords iPhone exclusive video preview [PocketGamer.co.uk via Kotaku]
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3 Responses to "Drug Lords", a Drug Wars clone for iPhone

  1. zuzu says:

    Dope Wars, which was originally released back on Windows in the 90s

    Really? My earliest recollection of the game was on the TI-8x graphing calculators and later the original PalmPilot PDAs. Though it’s not dissimilar in concept from many BBS games, such as TradeWars 2002.

    I mean, I don’t think of NetHack as a Windows game, although it’s certainly possible. Likewise for DrugWars / Dope Wars / Drug Lords.

  2. dculberson says:

    Drugwars definitely got its start on the PC, but not in the 90’s. Wikipedia says 1984, under DOS. I remember playing it before the TI port came out for sure.


  3. nobrainerdeals says:

    Dope Wars is great, if I had an iPhone I would totally buy it.

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