Lexon Jet Lights by Theo Williams: Expensive, pretty flashlights

I will share the expression of surprise with Technabob: I wouldn't think I'd be excited by the design of a flashlight, but Theo Williams' elegant little fobs are quite attractive. And not horribly expensive, provided you ignore the bargain basement nature of their internals and consider simplicity justification of a 15 Euro penlight. If it makes it easier, you may join me in fantasizing that this is the very flashlight you'd use to discover at the back of your spaceship bedroom a nearly nude Barbarella nestled in furs, beckoning. Theo Williams Jet Lights catalog page [Singulier.com via Technabob]
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One Response to Lexon Jet Lights by Theo Williams: Expensive, pretty flashlights

  1. la3541 says:

    plus $50 for shipping to USA

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