Camera Trap Codger is TMZ of wildlife

Chris Wemmer, the "Camera Trap Codger", sets up lots of remote cameras in California outback and uploads pictures of the animals that set off their triggers. If you like seeing pictures of mama bears, hungry gray foxes, shocked bobcats and ornery pumas this is your blog. Camera Trap Codger [] (Thanks, Brandonnn!)
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2 Responses to Camera Trap Codger is TMZ of wildlife

  1. wrybread says:

    I wonder what camera he’s using for this. I’m guessing a Canon with the CHDK firmware, as I’m told it has great motion sensitivity and speed. It can even photograph lightening.

    But what’s powering the camera through the night?


  2. plasmator says:

    “Ornery Pumas.”

    There are probably a lot of those around today.

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