Nintendo kills the R4 with the DSi

According to long running GBA and DS homebrew site GBATemp, The DSi, Nintendo's update to the DS Lite, blocks almost all current flash carts from running code on the system. That includes the infamous R4, CycloDS and M3 cards. Right now, there's no telling if this can be fixed by updating the card firmware, or if people who want to run code on their DS (homebrew and pirated ROMs alike) will simply have to wait for the next generation of flash cards to spew out from the factories of Hong Kong. Which they will. For me at least, this is just another reason not to pick up the DSi (besides the fact that it has noticably worse battery life than its predecessor). I won't pretend to find the homebrew scene on the DS very compelling (as opposed to the PSP, which has a number of great source ports and emulators available that I really enjoy) but I also find the convenience of carrying all of my purchased games on a single cart invaluable. If Nintendo can offer up their own storage solution for doing just that, fine! Let me at it. I'm happy to exchange solutions. But carrying around a half dozen postage stamp sized carts with me every time I board a plane or a train is something I haven't had to do for a couple years, and I'm damn well not going back. DSi incompatible with existing flash carts [GBA Temp via Gearfuse]
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7 Responses to Nintendo kills the R4 with the DSi

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think there will be an update for the r4 OR someone will find the way to use the sd card slot for this

  2. fenrox says:

    I don’t know if you can do this, But it would be fantastic to give out some links for PSP cracking. I have a PSP and a bunch of roms but other than that I = noob.

    The sites I went to to find out about buying the battery thing had tons of spyware and crap… Know of any wonderful guides?

  3. Trnck says:

    Oh come on, be fair to Honkong, there are no factories in there… If there is anyone making these chips in Hongkong, they would definitely be put behind bars.

    The factories are in the mainland of China, and if you don’t know, Honkong is not China enough to let so much pirates survive.

  4. acb says:

    Pity. If Nintendo made some provision for gamers to consolidate their stacks of cartridges to a memory card (perhaps using the on-card storage as a counter of how many copies had been made) and to play legitimate homebrew (perhaps on a model like the iPhone App Store, which would preserve Nintendo’s razors-and-blades business model), that wouldn’t be that big a problem.

    Having said that, Nintendo seem to be sloppier about security than Sony (who seem to have had a crack team of security ninjas go through the PSP code with a fine-toothed comb). if the Wii homebrew cat-and-mouse game is anything to go by, the DSi will be cracked sooner rather than later.

  5. shutz says:

    I’m fairly happy with my NES, SNES and Genesis emulators on the DS. Not to mention a whole bunch of fun homebrew games. The main problem is that the DS is much easier to program for than the PSP, since the hardware much simpler, so there are more beginning coders and artists who just keep remaking the same boring rudimentary games, with a new coat of graphical paint, instead of trying to innovate or at least, properly use the DS’s exclusive features.

    Note to beginning DS programmers: it’s OK to make another Arkanoid/Breakout clone, or another Sokoban clone, but don’t release it to the public until you’ve added some new twist that makes it worth playing over all the other clones that are already there. These first few games are your initial exercises. Once you’re comfortable enough with the system, try making something original, for a change.

    Or at least, make me Rogue/Nethack clone that plays easily with the DS controls, and doesn’t require emulating all the keys that the originals require. Make it use 2D Zelda-style controls, but keep the randomly-generated levels. Now, THAT I would play.

  6. WeightedCompanionCube says:

    Just in case anyone stumbles over this old post, the AceKard 2i is DSi compatible:

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