What do these Alessi kettles sound like?

Appliancist features two lovely hob-top kettles today, both of which are said to have "melodic whistles". A picture just doesn't cut it. If you have either one of these you should upload a video of what they sound like! I've fingers crossed that the Alessi "Train Whistle" model on the right lives up to its name. Both kettles cost well over $200. Mama O kettle with melodic sound from Alessi [Appliancist] Harmonica kettle from Alessi [Appliancist]
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6 Responses to What do these Alessi kettles sound like?

  1. studio2f says:

    The train whistle model is deafening. I have it. You’ll never miss when your water is ready. The two tone whistle starts out at a lower pitch when the water begins to boil… after enough stream pressure is built up the second whistle goes off. It VERY much sounds like a train

  2. mmbb says:

    I looked really closely, and could not find the naked photographer in the reflection. Is that an add-on?

  3. aocole says:

    My old roommate had a Chantal tea kettle with a harmonic whistle that sounded awesome. I miss it. Here it is on amazon for $45.

  4. homodachi says:

    but how do you clean them?

  5. Anonymous says:

    We have a train whistle kettle that may or may not be Alessi – it’s a nearly 20-year-old wedding gift. $265? That’s kind of insane.

  6. Alessi Kettle says:

    We have the Alessi kettle with a bird, which makes a really good noise to let you know your tea is ready and the bird is a great talking point!

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