Razor-thin Bluetooth mouse slips into PC Card slot

In a mellifluous babble of random alphanumerics, the MA-BTCARD markets itself as a truly portable laptop mouse: Bluetooth kajiggerered, it slides, envelope thin, into your laptop's Type II PC card slot. It looks decidedly unergonomic, of course, and has a price tag that would blow off a Ferengi's head: $107. For a mouse. MA-BTCARD ultra slim optical mouse [Japan Trend Shop via Gizmo Watch]
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12 Responses to Razor-thin Bluetooth mouse slips into PC Card slot

  1. TedJohnson says:

    SkyMall strikes again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the pictured mouse is a rebranded MOGO mouse. It looks identical. I had one, and it was fine, but the jumpyness was annoying and not having a scroll wheel was unexpectedly irritating. Was perfectly comfortable to use.

  3. Scuba SM says:

    I’m afraid I’d crush it or snap it with my clumsy paws.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I think I’ve read about these before:

    And I’ve seen commercials for a phone with a bluetooth earpiece dock now.

    Up next:
    The new Macbook Air with an iPod bay to use as its hard drive.


  5. jbradley says:

    Looks (and specs out) just like the MoGo – 40 bucks at Amazon.

  6. zuzu says:

    I remember seeing this a few years ago — back when laptops still had PCMCIA / Cardbus slots. It was probably the MoGo then.

    I like that it stores inside flush with the laptop, and also recharges the battery that way.

  7. John Brownlee says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen similar things… but bluntly, it’s a SLOOOOOOW newsday.

  8. Simon Greenwood says:

    Chap I work with has a HP one in his laptop, which I think came as standard. What else can you use PCMCIA slots for these days?

  9. theredballoon says:

    Definately go for the MoGo bluetooth mice; I have one of the original Mogo BT which plugs right into the express slot on my laptop. I’ve had mine for since June and absolutely love it. My only issue has been I wish I had waited for the X54 since it includes the middle wheel scrolling capabilities! I never realized how much I use the one on my desktop or office computer until I didn’t have it.

  10. windybt says:

    my friend bought an HP branded one two years ago for 35 or 40 bucks.

  11. theredballoon says:

    Woops, one more thought. Regarding the ergonomics of the MoGo (or what appears to be it’s expensive Japanese cousin above)- it is actually surprisingly comfortable in my hand. It doesn’t have the natural arch curve of most mice, but I’ve had no problems using it for extended time periods.

    In line with the reviews of the MoGo series mice over on newegg, it does have a little jumpiness from time to time, but I think that’s a fairly common problem with most bluetooth mice.

  12. gber says:

    The MoGo is more comfortable than it looks. Road warriors who need mice may find this a good solution.

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