The Delorean wing of the Datamore Porte HDD enclosure

There are not many taut boners to be had when perusing external hard drive enclosures, but LaCie's latest at least makes a stab at something you'd actually cast your eyes upon fondly as it sat upon your desk. The Datamore Porté enclosure features a DeLorean-like wing door for the easy installation of any hard drive inside, and comes with either USB or eSATA, depending on what your bag is. Datamore Porte [Akihabara News]
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5 Responses to The Delorean wing of the Datamore Porte HDD enclosure

  1. zuzu says:

    All this fancy crap, yet most enclosure manufacturers still don’t understand that by far the most useful feature is a built-in power supply so that all it needs is a standard IEC power cable.

    At least Apple understood this when it created the Time Capsule.

  2. Drywall says:

    In addition, the form factor is also rather reminiscent of Slave I, Boba Fett’s means of interstellar conveyance…

  3. kawayama says:

    for what it’s worth, the iomega ego is still the best looking external drive i’ve seen.

  4. ChibiR says:

    “and comes with either USB or eSATA, depending on what your bag is”

    Actually the better one has both USB and eSATA *points at picture and source*

    Also, is this actually a Lacie product? The source’s intro made me think that aside from Lacie, this company also thinks that HDD enclosures should be elegant.

    That being said, I totally want one. Any chances of this being sold outside Korea in the future?

  5. remmelt says:

    zuzu: true, but the power supply also builds up heat, which may shorten disk life.

    data integrity > ease of use

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