"Buttonless" Xbox 360 controller mod isn't really

The Xbox 360 controller's already pretty great for FPS gaming as long as you can get over your mouse and keyboard indoctrination, but one modder has removed all the face buttons from the front of his 360 controller, instead shifting them to the back, in a curiously specific operation somewhat similar to surgically shifting your girlfriend's breasts to her back for better dancing. I'm not entirely convinced: where's the D-pad, which is usually used by shooters for things like hotkeys and weapon selection? And I can't get over the fact that the default 360 pad works just fine. If there was one thing I'd change about it? The upper shoulder buttons are practically impossible to click simultaneously with the lower triggers, which means I can't shoot properly in GTA IV while driving, which means I suck. Grr. Get on that, Microsoft. Buttonless 360 Controller [Acidmods via Gizmodo]
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4 Responses to "Buttonless" Xbox 360 controller mod isn't really

  1. Matthew Walton says:

    You’re blaming the wrong people. It’s not Microsoft’s fault for the design of the controller. Rockstar knew perfectly well the design of the controller when they mapped out the GTA4 control scheme, so it’s their fault for going with it anyway.

  2. sdt says:

    It’s been done before:


    That one retains the d-pad :P

  3. SeppTB says:

    Moving the buttons to the back only addresses half the problem with Gamepad vs Keyboard/Mouse (that half being, you can now use a facebutton to jump, trigger to shoot, and still have both thumbs there for moving). The other half of the problem is the analog sticks just are not as sensitive as a mouse nor do they allow for the same reaction times you can get with a mouse.

    I’ve always wondered if throwing a trackball in there instead of an analog stick would help with that, I used a trackball instead of a mouse for years and it works wonders once you adjust.

  4. SamF says:

    Protip: When surgically adding breasts to your girlfriend’s back, it is not necessary to remove the ones on her front.

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