The Future of Mobile Phones according to Ericsson

The vision of mobile phones according to Ericsson: by 2012, we'll all be packing HD video capable camera phones with 1GHz CPUs, 20 megapixel still shots and Internet connections at over 100 Mbps. It's a strange mishmash between the mundanely plausible and a Yellow Submarine style Lucy trip. But prove me wrong on the 100 Mbps Internet, Ericsson! Erisson sees the future of cell phones [via Crunchgear]
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5 Responses to The Future of Mobile Phones according to Ericsson

  1. SpeckledJim says:

    Sony Ericsson do make the best phone cameras as far as I can tell, but their resolution is already limited far more by the optics (tiny lenses) than the image sensor. Unless they’re planning on the phones of 2012 looking like pocket telescopes and being 50% glass…

  2. dculberson says:

    Yeah, 20 megapixels through a pinhole lens is absurd.

    How could they fit 20mm elements in a miniscule sensor but only 786k elements in the whole LCD screen?

    I’m picturing “everything still looks like crap but all the files are 10x larger.”

  3. sisyphus321 says:

    100 Mb/s. Heh. Sure, for all of those operators who have 100 MHz of spectrum laying around.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  4. adamrice says:

    At 100 Mbps, we’ll be able to burn through our monthly bandwidth caps in seconds! Ain’t technology great?

  5. SamF says:

    Yeah, the idea of a 10+ MP camera on a phone is rather ridiculous. Granted, I am more likely to grab my phone than my pocket camera if I want to snap a quick pic, and any improvement in the quality that I can get on my phone would be great. But unless they’re planning on building some real optics into the phones, I’m gonna say that the upgrade probably won’t be worth it.

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