Badass custom Opel GT Batmobile sells for a measly $9k

Having recently bought a car myself, I'm familiar with the vagaries of used automobiles. My headlamps are a bit out of weak and the carburetor needs some tweaking, for instance. But learning the quirks of a new car is half the fun of buying used. I shudder to imagine how much joy I'd have discovering how to work this one-of-a-kind Batmobile based on a '73 Opel GT and stuffed to the gills with early '90s electronics. Check out some of the stuff that was inside:
1. SONY Digital Navigation System #NVX-F160 3. SONY Magic Link System with pager. This is the original vehicle PDA system before there were PDAs. Google Sony Magic Link System to get an idea. I do not know how to use it but it is there. I think you send emails, messaging, etc. 4. SONY Magic Link SkyTel Card 6. SONY Hi-8 VCR 7. Pioneer CD player DEH-85 in the dash....comes with the batman theme on cd! 8. Alpine Bat Phone #91530 11.Super Nintendo NES Game system with Batman Forever game.......yes, a game system that plays batman! 13.Alpine 80-80 Remote Commander RMX 38 (something to do with the alarm I think) 14.Alpine Alarm 8401 with paging system, unlocks and opens doors, windows...It will take you a full day just to learn the alarm system.
And you know what the kicker is? This thing sold for just nine grand. Breaks my heart. I would totally have paid ten just to make this my daily driver. 1973 Opel GT [eBay via Jalopnik]
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8 Responses to Badass custom Opel GT Batmobile sells for a measly $9k

  1. dculberson says:

    Joel, while your 2002 is lovely and would make any proper gearhead turn green with envy, this Opel is an abomination that scares the living daylights out of me, electrically and mechanically speaking. (Plus it’s ugly.)

    I think the seller got the better end of the bargain there.

    If you’re ever on your way through Columbus, OH and need to borrow a nice big garage to work on your car, drop me a line. ;-)

  2. FruitSmack! says:

    Oh, that poor Opel GT!

    I’d rather have the car minus the, no doubt, questionable electronics work and poorly designed body job.


  3. Strangepork says:

    Hmmm. this or the BatSmart?


  4. moofie says:

    They took a beautiful Opel GT, and did thatto it.

    Somebody needs to get hit with a BatTireIron.


  5. benediktus says:

    as we say in germany: ohne power ewig letzter (without power – always be last).

    the engine is really crappy – had nearly the same 1.9l one (which is obviously used here) in my ascona b. the cylinder head gasket was leaking all the time. it nearly consumed more oil than gas. at least tinkering with it was easy.

    and yes it’s butt-ugly – even the interior … but somehow the headlights-trick is cool:

  6. pupdog says:

    You’re pretty much guaranteed to never have a passenger it looks like. Between the seats being gone, and well, it’s kinda embarassing to get out of some dude’s homegrown Batmobile.

  7. obi1kenobi1 says:

    No LaserDisc player? Then it is worthless.

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