Rumor: Dell shelving Zing MP3 player prototypes indefinitely

The earlier rumors of Dell launching a new MP3 player called Zing were surprisingly intriguing: a new DAP with the ability to download MP3s over WiFi and share them with other PCs and phones. More Zunish than iPod-like. I was looking forward to seeing what Dell would cook up: my first MP3 player was the crunchy old Dell DJ, an iPod as envisioned by Soviet-era electronics designers, but surprisingly full featured and resilient: five years later, my mother still putters around the garden with it, listening to old time radio programs as she rakes. Unfortunately, it looks like Dell's not going to follow through with the device. According to the Wall Street Journal, the prototypes are being indefinitely shelves, and Dell will turn its concentration to the Zing software. Which seems just stupid: no one needs another music manager or store, or will be convinced to use one when there's not a killer device tailored specifically to it. Dell shelving Zing prototypes [Wall Street Journal via Gizmodo]
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4 Responses to Rumor: Dell shelving Zing MP3 player prototypes indefinitely

  1. winkybb says:

    OK. I read the headline with “shelving” as a noun and “prototypes” as the verb. I think it makes it much more interesting.

  2. winkybb says:

    I thought Dell had come up with a prototype Von Neumann machine called “the shelvingZing Mp3 player”.

  3. mdh says:

    That’s funny, on first scan I read that the Zing MP3 player shelving unit was capable of prototyping indefinitely.

  4. jaakennuste says:

    Pitty, someone has to conquer the Apple


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