The New Machiavelli goes USB

As part of the Blood on Paper exhibition, which gave artists a book and then asked them to customize it, Richard Shed took a sixty year old Penguin Classics copy of The New Machiavelli, digitized each pages and placed it on its own miniature USB homunculus. I love it: the only thing its missing is the skittering of tiny blood red spiders in the crevice of the spine. H.G. Wells would approve! Digital Book [Richard Shed via Gizmodo]
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2 Responses to The New Machiavelli goes USB

  1. Capissen says:

    I feel so vindicated that someone else has experienced the crazy, tiny, bright red book spiders.

  2. PaulR says:

    Free, and with a much smaller carbon footprint:

    D/L the HTML version, unZip it, print it to your ‘PDF’ printer, and read it on your favorite ereader. Total time: 6 minutes.

    My favorite: the iLiad.

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