NPD: iPhone outselling RAZR

Apple's iPhone is finally the best-selling cell phone, beating out even America's favorite contract freebie, the RAZR.

Apple iPhone 3G

Motorola RAZR V3 (all models)

RIM Blackberry Curve (all models)

LG Rumor

LG enV2

iPhone 3G Leads U.S. Consumer Mobile Phone Purchases in the Third Quarter of 2008 [NPR via Gadget Lab]

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3 Responses to NPD: iPhone outselling RAZR

  1. guy_jin says:

    Thank Goodness. One step closer to never having to look at those pieces of crap again.

  2. boldenone says:

    iphone will sux 4ever, i have a sony now
    sexy costumes

  3. swchurchill says:

    Looks like they may be cheating a little though – by separating BlackBerry/RIM devices out by model, instead of by brand – I bet RIM is still outselling them by a comfortable margin.

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