The MSI Wind becomes the Apple MacBook Nano

Spotted in the wilds of Flickr, this MacBook Nano: a modified MSI Wind with some slick Apple branding, a hacked install of OS X Leopard and a 320GB hard drive bump. There's some typically Apple details you just can't mod, of course: there's simply no way Apple would release a netbook with a non-chiclet keyboard at this stage in the game, and that touchpad isn't fooling anyone either. Still, this really is about halfway towards what I want in an Apple netbook, with the additional 50% being extraordinary battery life. Apple MacBook Nano [Flickr via Gadget Lab]
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3 Responses to The MSI Wind becomes the Apple MacBook Nano

  1. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Didn’t Steve Jobs say that the iPhone will be Apple’s netbook?

  2. caipirina says:

    If anyone could please point me to a store in Akihabara where I could find this clone / mutation after xmas … i would be very grateful … this is so far the closest I have seen …

    Nice hack job!

  3. musicalwoods says:

    I just went through all of the pictures. So many silly comments on Flickr…

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