LED Menorah

For the Festival of Blinkenlights. LED motherboard menorah [Fred Flare via Hack a Day]

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6 Responses to LED Menorah

  1. ann rubin says:

    How much do one of these cost? I may be interested in buying quite a few.

  2. hundredsofthousands says:

    oy gevalt! it’s not kosher! (8 of the 9 lights must be at equal height.) even more reason to DIY!

  3. Karnuvap says:

    Please let’s not start a trend of calling everything that is on a green Printed Circuit Board (PCB) a motherboard .

    We’ve already lost the case against calling Forensic (i.e. Legal) Science, Forensics. (the key to that expression was that they are scientists working in a legal situation. I blame CSI)

  4. spazzm says:

    I can finally celebrate Robannukah in style.

  5. Downpressor says:

    certron, while not halachically kosher, that LED hanukkiyah you linked to is at least the right configuration for the holiday.

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