Make your own Muppet Whatnot

By selecting from a rainbow of felty flesh tones, bulbous noses, jutting thyroidic button eyes, flapping mouth shapes and appalling fashion choices, FAO Schwartz will allow you to create your very own likeness in Muppet form, then sell it to you for $90 as a "Muppet Whatnot." It's all terribly neat. To the right, behold Beschizza's Muppet Doppelganger. Beschizza is quintessentially British, and I think — short of ripping the teeth out of a decaying horse and cramming them into this Muppet's mouth — I've found his perfect likeness, right down to the grotesque plaid blazer, the green pallor of the hungover binge drinker and the dropsied Liverpudlian eyelids. I can't wait until it arrives, so I can prance around BBG headquarters with my hand up its backside, lispily rattling off Beschizza-isms in a shrieking castrati falsetto as Bobert himself quietly arranges a noose for himself in the supply closet, reflecting upon the glory of Empire. The Muppet Whatnnot Workshop [FAO Schwartz]
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13 Responses to Make your own Muppet Whatnot

  1. RyanMcFitz says:

    Too bad “bald” isn’t an option. Some of us don’t have any hair on our heads and forcing us to select “bald fringe” is just insulting. Muppet insulting.

  2. The Lizardman says:

    $90 is fantastic for price – I would buy two or three if just for one-off gags but the options are too limited, though it is likely those limited options that keep the price down. I really can’t belive it doesn’t have a just plain bald option, or the option to go without a nose.

  3. Alys says:

    I’d love one, but they don’t ship outside the USA. (sigh) No blue Muppet for me this Christmas!!

  4. Trevour says:

    This is really awesome, but I wish there were more options too. Of course who knew there would come a day when an average consumer could build his/her own authentic Muppet?

    $90 though – if you’re a real DIY-er I’d assume you could buy your own supplies (for probably less than $90) and make your OWN Muppet any way you’d want to. Make some wacky Jim Henson character from the ’60s. A few sites out there tell you how to make Muppet-type creations from scratch. I still wanna do that one of these days!

  5. blindog says:

    To much scrolling and pogoing. The developers really missed an opportunity to build an interactive flash version that fits in a standard web browser window and dynamically changes the muppet as you select different items. Also, regardless if an element is “out of stock” I want to see what my whatnot will look like. Playing with all the options is half the fun. Still $90 is sweet.

  6. Agies says:

    I’m disappointed at the lack of options and the interface.

  7. Reed Savory says:

    I did pretty well setting up mine (Black hair, check. Bowling shirt, check. Horn-rim glasses, check…), although the lack of beards is making it impossible for me to complete my Mini-me.

    Definitely a fantastic idea though (as a kid who grew-up with the original Sesame Street and Muppet Show, I’m a big fan).

    I hope they add more design options.

  8. styrofoam says:

    The thing that’s bothering me is that I keep feeling simultaneously dismayed at the lack of choices yet filled with this overwhelming sense of, “$90? That’s cheap for a flippin’ MUPPET.”

  9. Stefan Jones says:

    You’ll regret this when your muppet analogue kills you and assumes your life.

  10. madzack says:

    a friend of mine just made one of these the other day at the FAO store in Manhattan..i gotta say when he brought it home i was pretty floored…i had played around with the site last week and was kind of underwhelmed but playing with a real one was pretty magical.

  11. lovemoose says:


    But mine would have been green. :(

  12. SamF says:

    Ah, so THIS is why Rob felt compelled to post a video. hehe

  13. Downpressor says:

    This just solved all my year end gift giving problems.

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