UFO Webcam looks like War of the Worlds Tripod appendage

This curious web cam with a built-in fan (presumably for cooling, as opposed to a simulated simoom-swept web cam coiffureage) and microphone tickles me, not just because of its curious Martian design — it looks exactly like the occular appendage of a George Pal Martian Tripod — but by the name of its manufacturer, Chinavasion, which sounds like just the sort of thing that will eventually predicate Fallout 3. UFO Web Cam with Fan + Microphone [Chinavasion]
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4 Responses to UFO Webcam looks like War of the Worlds Tripod appendage

  1. TraverJ says:

    This from the same company is even more disturbing. (new window)

  2. sisyphus says:

    Chinavasion accepts no responsibility for misuse in examining bodily orifices.

  3. Dungeonbrownies says:

    I think thats actually pretty nice, a lil modding could get that to artdeco or stimpank if we felt liek it.

  4. dculberson says:

    …exploration of a true final frontier.

    Aaaaahhhh noooooo!!! Time to endoscope pr0n: 3.. 2.. 1..

    (Cue “do not want” dog picture.)


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