Google releasing speak-to-search iPhone app

Google has just announced that sometime today, they will release an iPhone app that allows users to generate search results just by speaking into the mike. It simply sucks up your voice, uploads it to a Google server and returns the results, with promises that the results will get better over time as Google gets exposed to a larger variety of stutters, mumbles and lisps. Sounds great: I'd definitely rather speak into my iPhone than use the onscreen keyboard. But why is Google premiering stuff like this on the iPhone? It just makes them seem sloppily uncommitted to Android. New York Times article
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13 Responses to Google releasing speak-to-search iPhone app

  1. Rodney says:

    I wonder if you have to spit out a series of keywords or if Google is going to try for some sort of processing to pull the keywords out of the string (is that what you call a bunch of noise some humans interpret as “speech”)?

  2. Patrick Austin says:

    Because there are a bazillion iPhones out there and in order for this to be good, they need to collect a TON of data to refine their algorithms?

  3. gruppler says:

    Speaking of sloppiness…

    …speaking into the mike. It simply sucks up your voic e

    Do you guys ever read your posts before posting them? Just kidding, sorta…

  4. tallpat says:

    I had this idea while watching Cash Cab one day; develop a speech-to-query device and have the results piped back into some sort of miniature bone conduction speaker (or something)… That way, whenever Ben asks a question, you repeat the question to preform the query, and await the responses from the web.

    Of course, I would never condone cheating, but it would make an interesting “proof of concept” if ever actualized. The implications of such a device could spell trouble for trivia game shows in general.

  5. mgoode08 says:

    Oh man this looks awesome! I hope they release a version for the Krave by Motorola. Ever since I started working with Motorola I have became a huge fan of the phone ( With a full list of features, like a full touch screen, I can’t stop obsessing over it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @MGODDE08: I’m assuming that you are working with Motorola’s viral marketing department? An account with one single post, written in highly atypical style. Artless sir, simply artless.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dammit Google. Stop releasing apps for your competition before releasing them on your own platform. It’s like they can’t wait for Android to fail.

  8. Schorsch says:

    Is that Jack Bauer? It looks like Jack Bauer. Jack? Is that you?

  9. el_beardo says:

    actually it’s “mic” since it’s short for “microphone”

    also, who cares about the G1? it’s touting the use of Google… wow… iPhone does it better. hence the fact Google is developing apps for iPhone first!

  10. dculberson says:

    I’ll just rehash my previous statement: Google releasing this for the iPhone just shows how different, and how much less “evil,” they are than competitors like Apple and Microsoft. Confining it to Android would be very protectionist and very out of character.

    I do hope they come out with an Android version, of course! It would be very silly for them not to. It would also have made more sense for them to simultaneously launch on both, but it’s better for everyone if the version that’s ready first is launched first.

  11. PaulR says:

    Making that reasonable assumption that the ‘Net data transfer rate is wildly overpriced (for the price of a few hours data transfer for using the GPS feature on a phone, you can buy a GPS unit outright), any bets that Google will hire people to loudly play speak-to-search strings on boom-boxes on street corners?

    I’ve just figured out step two…

  12. John Brownlee says:

    Even if I had read the post before I put it up — which I didn’t — I would have gone with “mike.” I fucking hate “mic.”

    The other, of course, is a typo. But way to spot it, then bold it!

  13. Nelson.C says:

    They haven’t released it for Android because they’re worried it’ll start interpreting normal conversation as root-level commands.

    Also, I don’t know where “mic” came from, “mike” is the contraction I’ve read and used since the seventies.

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