HP fury at Microsoft allowing Vista-Capable stickers on junk

When Microsoft lowered system requirements for the official "Vista Capable" imprimatur, HP got mad:
"I hope this incident isn't a foretaste of the relationship I will have with Microsoft going forward, but I can tell you that it's left a very bad taste with me and my team," Richard Walker, senior vice president at HP's consumer PC unit, said in a Feb. 1, 2006, message to senior Microsoft executives.
HP spent $7m meeting the original, realistic Vista-capable requirements before Microsoft dropped them to please Intel. Maybe it sensed that lying about a massively-hyped software product would precipitate a public relations problem that would affect everyone in the business of selling Windows-based computers. Just maybe. The elegance of it all is wonderful: when the prevailing chip- and software-makers are in alignment, system builders get screwed, and all they can do is complain about the "very bad taste" in their mouth. 'Vista Capable' changes outraged HP, insider e-mails show [Computerworld]

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4 Responses to HP fury at Microsoft allowing Vista-Capable stickers on junk

  1. markfrei says:

    The HP 2133 mininote comes with Vista. Oh the irony…

  2. TJ S says:


    Just because it left a bad taste in their mouth doesn’t preclude HP from trying to make money off of the lower requirements.

  3. NoyABuiS says:

    Ok, so im running DTM studio on a machine and trying to get a machine to pass WHQL. Passing WHQL = “works with vista sticker” such a pain… but boo hoo HP. small business cannot afford a 27,000 dollar audio analyzer just to prove HD audio is working. Any ways The tests suck and there is little support for Microsoft DTM studio errors. And i still haven’t passed my machine. ha ha, it should be easier!

  4. LogrusZed says:

    Is “foretaste” how foreskin is supposed to taste?

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