iPhones should not be ensconced in schweinefleisch

Bacon tastes great. On that, we're all agreed. But let's get our heads together here: while bacon as a flavor and texture is wonderful, tempting all, the visual aesthetic of bacon is no different than that of a long strip of pulsating flesh peeled off of the squealing flank of an obese, shit-encrusted sow. Where will your madness end, bacon lovers? One second, you are recreating the aesthetic of bacon in felt for the express purpose of the ensconcing of your iPhones. But why stop there? Why not make your iPhone case out of bacon? And once you begin sliding down that fat greased slope of stinking exposed swine musculature, what's next? Plasma panels embedded in the fleshless bellies of a wall-mounted hog? Bacon toilets? iPig? Clive Barker may welcome this technological vision of the future with eyes rolled white and hands stuffed down the front of his pants, but I don't. I draw the line at wood grain. Bacon iPhone Case [DaWanda via Gizmodo]
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7 Responses to iPhones should not be ensconced in schweinefleisch

  1. muteboy says:

    plus, bacon is such a cliche these days

  2. Not a Doktor says:

    I’m just waiting for the Necronomicon case.

  3. Anonymous says:

    keywords: salami fever
    url: youtube.com
    for the win!

  4. acb says:

    How did the whole bacon-everywhere meme start anyway?

  5. BadKittyM says:

    This is fantastic. Love that it’s felted, not sewn. There is nothing that bacon can’t do.

  6. chrisphin says:

    My wife has filmed a little video tutorial showing how to make felt; you could easily use this to make your own felt bacon pocket like this. I know what I’m doing at the weekend…


  7. Anonymous says:

    I can not wait for the future so I can redecorate my apartment with scratch and sniff bacon scented wallpaper.

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