Jodorowsky's Dune: Designed by Giger and Moebius, scored by Pink Floyd, scenery chewed by fat Orson Welles

Of course I'm flipping out in our Editor's chat about the fact that Alejandro "The Holy Mountain" Jodorowsky collaborated with Jean "MÅ“bius" Giraud, H.R. Giger, and Pink Floyd to adapt Frank Herbert's Dune into a film in 1975 — a project that never took off due to funding issues — when Rob, cultured beyond American measure, casually coughs that me not knowing about it is impossible, simply because it is too awesome not to be known. Yet, I did not know! Check out who Jodorowsky wanted for the cast:
The project was intended to involve his son Brontis Jodorowsky as Paul, Orson Welles as the Baron, Salvador Dalí as the Emperor, Mick Jagger as Feyd Rautha, Alain Delon as Duncan Idaho, Geraldine Chaplin as Lady Jessica, David Carradine as Duke Leto and Gloria Swanson as The Benne Geserit Reverend Mother.
While most of Jodorowsky's film will have to be left to the imagination, Duneinfo has collected Giraud's costume sketches and basic storyboards. While I still love Lynch's Dune in all its awkward majesty, it's clear that this would have been a colorful, ornate take on the universe that would have been even more psychedelically mystical. Now we must demand a Yoshitaka Amano-designed version of Dune directed by...hrm, I'm at a loss. Unseen Dune - Jean "Moebius" Giraud [] Unseen Dune - Alejandro Jodorowsky [] [via Sci-fi-o-rama via io9]
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21 Responses to Jodorowsky's Dune: Designed by Giger and Moebius, scored by Pink Floyd, scenery chewed by fat Orson Welles

  1. mdh says:

    Jodorowsky wanted Mick Jagger to play Feyd, and Lynch chose Sting. Interesting.

  2. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    Wow! I am just surprised because I thought this was well known! I think my boyfriend told me after we had see either the Lynch “Dune” or A.J.’s “Holy Mountain” together in the 80s.

    Of course I once knew of a place that was spelled N.O.V.A. S.C.O.T.I.A. and another place that was pronounced “noh-vah sko-sha” and knew that both of these places were in the same area on the globe, but never put it together in my mind that I was pronouncing “noh-vah scotty-a” incorrectly.

  3. akbar56 says:

    puking over Toto? Maybe for their normal stuff.

    Their Dune score is fabulous and one of my top 10 scores of all time.

  4. pork musket says:

    I also did not know about this awesomeness.

    Directed by Gen Sekiguchi, based solely on Survive Style 5+.

  5. SamF says:

    I think that the only man who could direct another Dune would be Quentin Tarantino.

    I’m giggling just thinking about how ridiculously awesome it would be.

  6. proto says:

    cultured beyond American measure
    So taste is in metric now?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lynch went with Queen, Jodrowsky wanted The Floyd. Intersting.

  8. prion says:

    It’s a shame Lynch looks down on his work, I thought his version was excellent and stylish despite the story deviations.

    Any mention of Giger makes me think of Dark Seed, and that turned out well.

    Reminiscing on the possibilities of the film in light of the version that was made is a little awkward. I don’t honestly see how it could have worked out with the talent listed, but it is tantalizing nonetheless.

  9. Chris Barrus says:


    Brian Eno was also hired to compose for Lynch’s _Dune_. According to rumor, Eno composed an entire soundtrack but only a couple tracks of it was used for the final film.

  10. akbar56 says:

    #9, Queen?

    Try Toto.

    Queen did the soundtrack to Flash Gordon and Highlander.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t just the Floyd, as I recall: Jodorowsky wanted a different band for every planet, and the Floyd were on tap for Chapterhouse (the Bene Gesserit homeworld, although I can’t remember if it had been named that yet).

    And of course, as far as Floyd went, we’re talking Floyd in their top-prime: the Floyd of Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here, when Waters and Gilmour were still talking and Wright* was still a seriously productive contributor. It would’ve sounded awesome. ::sigh::

    *As an aside: I’m still having trouble with him being gone.

  12. Nawel says:

    I remember seeing parts of the concept art for this movie, Giger drawings, published in some major American magazine. Omni, maybe… I can’t remember now.

  13. dculberson says:

    Giger has a page about the chairs he designed for the Harkonnens, and sells them for $15k/ea:

    It really is a shame that project didn’t take off.

  14. Downpressor says:

    @11 it was Omni or maybe Heavy Metal, I too remember these drawings.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhhh…Toto, puking now.

  16. minTphresh says:

    in giger’s first book “neckronomicon” he talks about the project, and also has pages of sketches from his design notebook.

  17. DMcK says:

    From the same site, here are Chris Foss’s spaceship designs for Jodorowsky’s Dune.

  18. gATO says:

    In Giger’s “A rH+” (from Taschen), he writes a bit about this project; judging from the quantity and range of talent that was suppsedly involved, it’s no surprise that it never took off. Each of the planets was going to be designed by top artists; Giger’s planet was to be one where withcraft and black magic got performed, and he had total creative liberty, as far as no sex was involved (hey, the movie was going to be family entertainment!). In the end, everything was going to be filmed against a blue screen, which I’m pretty sure would have looked disastrous.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhh…Pink Floyd, drooling now.

  20. Halloween Jack says:

    Moebius also did concept art for Masters of the Universe.

  21. OM says:

    ..I’ve known about Jodo’s failed attempt ever since he first organized his “Seven Samurai”. My opinion of him still stands: A pompous art schmuck whose pomposity is overamplified by an excess of translation errors present in any interview he’s ever given. Newsarama interviewed him a couple of years ago, and 30 years after he gave up on Dune you still want to see him kicked off his high horse even though you know the corncob holding him in place has metastazized to his rear end.

    …Bah, screw Jodo. Except for Gurney being a dwarf, Moebius’ concept art for this is still incredible. If only he’d do a Dune graphic novel series we fans of Frank Herbert could really enjoy it as it should be viewed!

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