Make your own warning sign with articulated ball-joint stick man

This ball jointed bendy man juxtaposed against a yellow triangular caution sign is certainly worth the $12 bucks, just to put him in some of the poses seen above. To the left, a perennial Haight Street favorite, the "Keep On Truckin'" caution sign. To the right, a stern warning concerning the dangers of marauding breakdancers. Stickman Action Figure [Think Geek via OhGizmo!]
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5 Responses to Make your own warning sign with articulated ball-joint stick man

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    You need an extra man to do that “Warning: Kung Fu” sign.

  2. airship says:

    Needs a red circle/slash component that you could mount in front of it all.

  3. michaelportent says:

    The one on the left is the international symbol for “Oh no you di’n’t!”

  4. slummy says:

    this definitely could do w/some addons like black vinyl stickers for the sign for added emotion or airships no component.
    i like.

  5. Garr says:

    Oh yes, the latter is extremely important, as proven by this video

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