Matrioshka-like nesting bowls (matrioshka-like nesting bowels sold separately)

These colorful matrioshka-like nesting bowls capture my home maker fancy. At $59, they seem overpriced — surely IKEA must sell something like this at half the price— but the chromatic nesting and stacking of four measuring cups, two bowls, a colander and sieve inside each other somehow triggers in me the self-satisfaction of a preschooler solving a simple geometric block puzzle. Joseph Joseph Nest 8 Multicolored Bowls [Conran USA]
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2 Responses to Matrioshka-like nesting bowls (matrioshka-like nesting bowels sold separately)

  1. guy_jin says:

    This looks suspiciously pornographic.

  2. Xyonz says:

    I’d say it looks more like an isosurface plot–perhaps some solution to the Schrödinger equation in a world where electrons have, you know, a really long arm on one side.

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