MP3-playing skull belt buckle is the perfect gift for the death metal man child

I like to imagine the person who would wear this gleaming silver skull belt buckle with built-in MP3 player and four LED pineal glands. In my mind's eye, I see a death metal man child, his flabby torso squeezed into a child's size Megadeth t-shirt. He is completely bald, but still manages to have a mullet. His hands are deformed, crab-like pincers in the shape of devil's horns; he is incapable of human speech except for the occasional moist shouting of the word "Metallica!" to denote excitement or approval. And, of course, the zipper on his leather pants must always be down: our man rocks with his [REDACTED] out. In short, I think Joel's really going to love this when he gets it from me for Christmas. The belt buckle includes a built-in MP3/MP4 player with 1GB of memory, an FM radio and LED lights that visualize the playing tune. MP3 Player / LED Light Belt Buckle - Punk Skull Design [Chinavasion via Geek Alerts]
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8 Responses to MP3-playing skull belt buckle is the perfect gift for the death metal man child

  1. Trent Hawkins says:

    this is awesome, though it looks to be huge and will probably crush your junk if you sit down too fast.

  2. FighterHayabusa says:

    I object loudly. Megadeth and Metallica are not, and have never been, death metal. They used to be thrash metal before they sold their souls to the mighty dollar and started to suck (for Metallica this was around 1990, Megadeth has sucked pretty badly since “Rust in peace”).

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    All great metal ultimately comes from “down there”, anyway.

  4. Drew Blood says:

    Not sure about Metallica. This feels very GWAR to me!

  5. lasertronic says:

    I think its really more Motorhead….

  6. alejandrodelloco says:


  7. pugg71 says:

    This has been up all day and nobody else has linked to this comic yet?

  8. Joel Johnson says:


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