Ten minutes in a Tesla

Brian Lam, bastard, has taken a Tesla Roadster out for a spin.
I can't afford this car. If I wanted something similar to this in shape, feel and performance, I'd probably buy a used Elise for $30k if I could get over the bug eyes. But I can assure you that a Tesla is still a hell of a a car, by electric or gas terms, even if its just a bit more portly and more expensive than a comparable Lotus. I mean, its fast. It's electric. It's efficient. It's sexy. And you can actually buy it if you're rich. And while Tesla as a company may have had some problems in manufacturing at first, they didn't wait for old industry to get off its ass and build something revolutionary. Like Android, I hope it catalyzes the fossil fuel makers traditional makers into a game of catch up with cars that are just as fast and efficient, and hopefully a lot cheaper. And if that doesn't leave you somewhat impressed, then you belong with the dinosaurs.
What it Feels Like to Drive a Tesla Roadster [Gizmodo]
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5 Responses to Ten minutes in a Tesla

  1. Daemon says:

    But does it have integrated death rays?

  2. RedShirt77 says:

    Someone needs to have a lottery for one, or I need to win the lottery.

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Oh man !!! Lucky guy ! I ‘d dream about it ! Hope you enjoyed it !

  4. bardfinn says:

    “Brian Lam, magnificent bastard,”

    Fixed that for ya.

  5. Mike Estee says:

    we did a test drive a couple months ago and i wrote up a tiny review here.

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