The Toshiba G450: "a 3G modem with benefits."

The Toshiba G450 is an odd conglomeration of different functions merged into a silver candy bar shell. It's not just a memory stick, or a memory stick / MP3 player, or a memory stick / MP3 player with built-in tri-band GSM cell phone. It's all of those things secondary, while primarily being an HSDPA USB modem capable of dropping back down to EDGE if 3G isn't available. That's a lot of gadget for £140, even if its usability as a memory stick or MP3 player is severely gimped by a measly 160MB of memory. Still, Gadget Lab's Charlie Sorrel defines the G450 best and puts it all in perspective: "a modem with benefits." Yeah. Toshiba G450 [Toshiba Europe via Gadget Lab]
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3 Responses to The Toshiba G450: "a 3G modem with benefits."

  1. hohum says:

    Weird… Don’t think the old thumbs could get too used to that key layout… Also, don’t the majority of phones support some sort of tethering now anyway? While it’s nifty to look at, I’m not sure if I see the advantage. I do love the stripped-down screen & feature set though…

  2. Emmanuel says:

    They really focused on the design which is very good. However, I never really trusted Toshiba. Did you ?

  3. Joel Johnson says:

    That’s really cool!

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