A forum for Samsung NC10 fans to gather

Samsung's NC10 is a Netbook you can believe in. Though little different from all the others, its combination of unpretentious design–and a long-life battery as standard–has made it the category's hot item. And now it has its own enthusiast blog.
The first 10 or so posts on this site pretty much cover the initial difficulties of tracking down a black Samsung NC10 right now
Unoff. Samsung NC10 blog [via UMPCportal]

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4 Responses to A forum for Samsung NC10 fans to gather

  1. jezza101 says:

    Ah, that’s my site! Thanks very much for sharing the link! The forum is starting to pick up quite quickly now – there is a lot of interest in the NC10. I was a little under prepared for the interest so I have beefed up the hosting and stuff and even bought a new domain. The link in the article above (I hope) should be redirecting to SammyNetbook.com

    It would be awesome if someone wants to verify that and updated the link!

    Cheers all – any questions about the NC10, pop over and ask!

  2. Anonymous says:

    No release date for Canada. Bleh.

    Also for those of you in the US, only blue and white are available so far.

    If I weren’t in Canada, I’d be very interested in this. =/

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Gamenogood says:

    hello, anyone already got this nice netbook?

    i will be interested if u got is pre-installed ENGLISH XP Home SP3, with recovery CD.

    i got one with T Chinese XP Home SP3, it maybe better with someone who needs Chinese language, please PM me if interested.

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