Infinite bookshelf can't hold infinite number of books

Borgesian echoes of the universal library lurk in Job Koelewijn's Mobius bookshelf. Untitled [Knaw via Neatorama]

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7 Responses to Infinite bookshelf can't hold infinite number of books

  1. Anonymous says:

    if it *were* a true moebius bookshelf, there would *be* no inside loop…

  2. El Stinko says:

    While I appreciate the intent, allow me to be the nit that points out that that is a figure 8 bookshelf, not a Mobius loop.It would need to flip around on itself at one point.

  3. technogeek says:

    1) What the heck is the thing in the circle at upper right?

    2) Why does the curve elevate smoothly on the near side but slump back down precipitously on the far side?

    3) It needs bridges to give one access to the inner shelf surfaces. Either that, or it has to raise farther so you can slide underneath. (Mechanic’s creeper available at extra cost.) Or maybe part of each loop should be hinged/wheeled to swing open gatewise.

    4) Actually, my reaction to this is the same as my reaction to office cubicle partitions: Cute, but what I really want is the freedom to rearrange the sections to suit my own sense of creativity. (Hm. I wonder if anyone makes a double-helix spiral staircase.)

  4. Daephex says:

    Also, how would you access the books in the inside loop?

  5. mdh says:

    I agree with #1 – it is however Mobi-ish.

  6. Daneel says:


    The Chemistry dept. at Reading University has a double helix spiral staircase – one helix for going up, one for going down.

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