Let's wave goodbye to PC Magazine

Paid Content brings somewhat sad tidings: PC Magazine is no more — at least as a print magazine. (PCMag.com will live on.) I hadn't read the magazine in years, but it was nothing personal. I still have a couple of magazine subs these days, but except for EDGE (which has lapsed!) they're all science or car magazines. For my computer nerdery I go online. As, apparently, does everyone else. But I still have fond memories. When I was a kid I'd be left in my step-father's office while he worked. PC Magazine was about the only entertaining thing around. Certainly reading a John C. Dvorak column about Sybase or something was more interesting than reading the latest issue of C.I.O.. And there would even be a game review in there from time to time, albeit usually about three months after the game was out. It's also where I first ran into Loyd Case's work of which I've always been a fan. (Loyd helps run Extreme Tech, another Ziff Davis online property.) Anyway, such is life, but it's certainly the passing of an era.
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8 Responses to Let's wave goodbye to PC Magazine

  1. PetroleumJelliffe says:

    I used to pore over the Gateway 2000 ads, drooling over the latest increases to dot pitch and RAM. I also remember staring at the ads for whatever software Home Improvement used for their interstitials. I can do that, all I need is that software!

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    I might still have a few issues of the first, pre Ziff Davis iteration of PC Magazine. It was less review-oriented and more wonkish.

    I still miss Creative Computing. What a weird zine that was.

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    Certainly reading a John C. Dvorak column about Sybase or something was more interesting than reading the latest issue of C.I.O.

    Only in the sense that drinking tap water that is slightly below room temperature is more interesting than drinking room temperature tap water.

  4. oldtaku says:

    I loved PC Mag back in the day when it was big and thick and had useful tech info and even actual code (gasp). Then it mutated into reviews and tips only, and the last straw was when it turned into Yet Another Gadget Mag a year or so ago with two pages wasted on car reviews. That’s when I let my subscription lapse, so while I’m sad for the history of PC Magazine, the current incarnation needed to be put down.

  5. Anonymous says:

    John Hodgeman should have been on the cover of the last issue.

  6. Simon Greenwood says:

    It kind of bears out what I’ve been wondering for a long time – who buys PC magazines and why these days? They weigh a ton through what is mostly advertising and the content will have been prepared up to two months before.
    At one place I worked I had a complementary subscription to a pretty expensive security professionals magazine. It was monthly, didn’t seem to have a website, and carried a fairly eye-watering subscription fee. I gave it to my boss in the end so that he could put it on his desk and look like he understood what a firewall was.

  7. Vinnie says:

    Just a heads-up, your link to ExtremeTech has an extra “m” in it. The lucky cybersquatters at http://www.extrememtech.com are getting some extra clicktrough today ;)

  8. Anonymous says:

    I read PC Magazine for months before I was able to convince my parents that a 13 year-old needed a fancy 386, 40mhz computer. I used to circle the adds of the computers I wanted and the computers that I thought I could actually get. CD-Rom drive was pushing it.

    Fond memories.

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