The Mysterious Case of the Beer that was Poured from the Bottom

Not since Hermann Göring stood slowly from his chair, unbuttoned his creamy uniform, and revealed the wicker-and-leather lattice that swaddled the world's only anti-Semitic orang-utan pulling levers has Nuremberg hosted such a peristaltically perturbing reveal as Scotsman Beverage Systems' "Trufill" concept beer dispenser which can serve a pint of beer...from the bottom. Gentlemen, let not your breakfasts further erupt from your bellies into your fellows' homburgs! Ladies, grasp your baby by its chubby ankle and remove it from your gullet! The mystery of the Trufill will be revealed in due time by the ace reporters of FOODBEV.COM, who assure us all: "Self serve, self fill... this takes the old fashioned world of dispense into the vending arena with a mix of Star Trek meets Harry Potter. I tour most of the major trade shows and it's rare to see true innovation. ‘Bottoms up Scotsman’, you’ve made my Brau. We can’t wait to follow this story as it unfolds." DEVELOPING! Scotsman turns the beverage world upside down [ via Oh Gizmo!]
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8 Responses to The Mysterious Case of the Beer that was Poured from the Bottom

  1. entropy says:

    This is a good idea, i am so sick of waiting for a beer while some knucklehead orders five different drinks each made with five different liquids and maybe a couple solids. I bet I don’t have to tip it either. Bet the glass is hard to clean though.

  2. Krenath says:


  3. pork musket says:

    When I was a kid I would always leave just a tiny bit of apple juice in the pitcher. The next day the pitcher would be full again through some unnatural pomaceous mitosis. Turns out it was my mother just making more juice, but it made me happy. I think this magical beer vessel would also make me happy.

  4. gnoodles says:

    Sorry to spoil the fun, but from the press release:

    “TRUfill is a revolutionary new dispense filling system that allows faster filling by dispensing through a non-return valve in the bottom of a drinking vessel. TRUfill technology has world wide patents and is adaptable to a wide range of disposable and re-useable dedicated beverage vessels. Scotsman Beverage Systems has developed two filling methods, Vortex and Fountain ICE, to suit a wide range of carbonated and still beverages.”

  5. Joel Johnson says:

    “Unnatural pomaceous mitosis.” Marry me, Pork.

  6. Simon Greenwood says:

    Holy mother of glub, I clicked through to their website. They’re responsible for everything evil in the beer selling market: taps that serve near frozen beer complete with condensation on the riser, froth dispensers and now *shakes finger* that ABOMINATION. *sips pint of Thruttocks Old Dirigible*

  7. michaelportent says:


    Leave us to our myth!!!

    Personally, I like the theory that it’s a perfectly conventionally-poured beer that’s being transported from Stuttgart and rematerialized stateside in reverse order.

  8. Ryan Waddell says:

    So, I’m too lazy to RTFA… But is it just a glass with a filling nozzle in the bottom?

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