Stirr: the hands-free, battery-powered whisk

The whisk is a glorious invention with an irritating, Carpal Tunnel inducing mechanism. For about ten seconds, there's just something so satisfying about using a bulb-shaped wand of intertwined silver wires to stir a sauce to thickening: it even makes the same pleasing onomatopoeic sound of its name. But then there's ten minutes of tedium on the tail end. Technology can, of course, do better. The Stirr is a hand free whisk that you just plop into the pot, stirring your sauces or gravies or soup automatically, like some sort of Hogwart's culinary instrument. It runs on four AA batteries. $23. Whisking, the hands-free way [Crave]
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4 Responses to Stirr: the hands-free, battery-powered whisk

  1. Boxthor says:

    I don’t get it.

    Looking at the demo video, it just kind of lazily meanders around the pan. They show cubed chicken mixed into the sauce, but that would literally take 3 or 4 strokes with a normal whisk.

    Not to mention this isn’t going to scrape the bottom of the pan, so your sauce will burn. Nor will it blend things very well on it’s on. Nor will it be able to whip things like cream or roux.

    I guess if you wanted a way to mix things that didn’t involve your effort of stirring them 3 times. Arthritic people? At least, the ones who can cube chicken and mince scallions.

  2. mujadaddy says:

    Battery power is not going to be sufficient to make this a good tool.

  3. SamSam says:

    For serious, this doesn’t whisk at all. Not even remotely. It stirs… kind of.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lulz, lets see you make a hollandaise with that pathetic mess. THESE WRISTS IS MADE OF

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