Amazon Kindle 2 by Q1 2009?

Techcrunch — who have been wrong about the Kindle 2 release date before — are trotting out the rumor again, this time for a release in early 2009. According to Arrington, their earlier reports of a slimmer, longer Kindle with a less cubist keypad were not mistaken: Bezos himself stepped in at the last second to delay an October release due to changes in the software. A longer textbook edition of the Kindle is also slated for 2009. All very well and good, and if Arrington keeps on bumping up his guesses on release dates, one of them will be accurate sooner or later. I just wish Amazon would start talking about releasing Kindles abroad. Amazon Kindle 2 Slates for Early q1 [Techcrunch]
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3 Responses to Amazon Kindle 2 by Q1 2009?

  1. huntsu says:

    I tried Kindle, reading on my Palm and a bunch of other things. The only stuff I can do for that are articles or things like the Bible that you read in spurts.

    For a full-length book there is nothing like the tactile sensation of a paper book. If for no other reason than the fingertip and visual clues as to how far you’ve read and how far you have to go, books will always be with me.

  2. hohum says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a Kindle 2 when it comes around. I hate “the tactile sensation of a paper book.” Holding the thing open is nothing short of awkward. Reading in bed is a pain, adjusting your head or your hold on the book when you switch between even & odd pages…. I love reading, but I hate books, and I’m glad the technology is coming along so that there is another option…

  3. PaulR says:

    I’ve got one of these:
    (ditto about what Hohum said about constantly repositioning a book while you’re reading it)

    It’s lighter to carry and easier to read than a book, than fifty books. Or a thousand magazine articles. Or a hundred research papers – with illustrations.

    And you can take notes right on the document, without marking the original.

    Yes, it’s better than a book.

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