An infinite collection of Macquariums

A few months back, when I inherited an old Indigo iMac G3, I asked you guys for ideas what to do with it... and have still yet to follow through on any of them. One thing I was resistant to the idea of doing was the timeless Macquarium mod: I suspected it would actually be a lot harder to accomplish than merely filling the thing full of water, as well as being prone to catastrophic failure and a bit cliched to boot. Still, if you're interested in turning practically any old Mac into a goldfish bowl, this instruction gallery over at the Apple Collection has you covered, from the Mac Classic right down to the Newton. Interestingly, this has finally got me thinking: I wonder how my budgerigar companion Humbert J. Humbird would like living in an iMac cage? Macquariums [The Apple Collection via Crunchgear]
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3 Responses to An infinite collection of Macquariums

  1. pduggie says:

    When will someone make a flatscreen ant-farm?

  2. seaanemoneman says:

    My MacQuarium, in frequent use since April 1998, has never sprung a leak. Built from a Mac Plus to Andy Ihnatko’s original specifications and held together with nothing but aquarium sealant, I couldn’t be happier with it.

  3. ZippySpincycle says:

    Second Best Budgie Name EVAR (First still goes to Dorothy Parker, who said she named her parakeet “Onan” because he spilled his seed upon the ground).

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