Bliss Lights, laser-powered starfield fairy lights

Kirk K. writes about "Bliss Lights", a fancy lighting projector that sprays a moving pattern of lights all over:
I saw these guys at a lighting conference in Vegas this year. They make these little laser emitters that project these little star-like fairy lights everywhere. A fascinating product. I think they have YouTube videos of these things in action. Really neat!
And lo, there were videos on YouTube. There are several different models on sale at their site, from the $85 Bliss Lights Handheld Laser Wand up the honking 50-milliwatt BL50 for $1,450. I guess the diffuser on the front of these things steps down the laser light enough that it's safe for the eye, because there's certainly no way you'd be able to avoid catching some in the retina when these things start moving. Blisslights company page []
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3 Responses to Bliss Lights, laser-powered starfield fairy lights

  1. subhan says:

    These things really are amazing, indoors or out. I spent an hour or more once watching the lights dance on trees at NW Sufi Camp a couple of years ago. Wish I could afford one!

  2. chakrachack says:

    Or, for those not quite so inclined, Blisslights are available at lower than MSRP prices–just Google BlissLights or look on EBay.

  3. ike says:

    Makers out there can rig something like this up themselves by shining a laser beam through a few rotating (and ideally bi-directional) diffraction gratings.

    And that’s not to minimize how cool this sort of thing looks, the effect is spectacular!

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