LED Screwdriver light

This $8.95 screwdriver attachment has a sprays LED light upon the philips head of your choice as you turn it. At first, this seemed useless, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there's often dark, hard-to-light crevices in which screws need to be winded, and that this product was not merely aimed at the midnight carpenter. The screwdriver is not included as a warning, but you'd want to be able to slap this on to anyone in your toolbox anyway. LED Screwdriver Light [Lee Valley via Book of Joe]
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6 Responses to LED Screwdriver light

  1. Tubman says:

    An LED ear light will work with any tool without getting in the way of what you’re trying to look at, and makes you look slightly more Borg-like, which may or may not be an advantage depending on your social circle.

  2. retrojoe says:

    If there’s some dark, hard to light crevice that I’m trying to use a screwdriver in, the last thing I want is a big round disk that will obstruct my view and get in the way.

    Sears makes a driver with the light up in the handle; vastly superior.

  3. pork musket says:

    This is why the work light was invented. I don’t want to go crawling around pointing some tiny LEDs at the floor when I’ve dropped my screw.

  4. Ian Mackereth says:

    A bit over-engineered…

    I have a little LED torch (you know the ones; basically a button cell with a white LED in a casing that’s a pushbutton with a teeny ‘stay on’ slider) with two little magnets glued on the back.

    It sticks to whatever screwdriver I’m using and lights up the area of interest without blocking my view (as this one would!)

    (A good source of small, strong magnets is the toys with plastic shafts and ball bearings, BTW. And dealextreme.com has the LEDs for <50c ea.)

  5. muteboy says:

    This would also be good for collecting “autographs” in the joint during lights out.

  6. ZoopyFunk says:

    Works great in tight crevices!

    @Muteboy-…also works great for holding joints during autograph collection.

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