Neoprene camera wallet folds out into mini tripod

This attractive lightweight neoprene camera case — more like a wallet, really — unfurls into a tiny miniature tripod and costs around £19.95. I like this a lot more than most bulky camera cases I've seen, even if the tripod functionality seems a little useless. Wrap-Up Tripod [Firebox via Geek Alerts]
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2 Responses to Neoprene camera wallet folds out into mini tripod

  1. DragonVPM says:

    Think Geek has the same thing for a little less:

    I’ve had one for a few months now and the case and tripod are both pretty useful. Not a bad little case actually.

  2. felsby says:

    It is not useless at all. It allows you to take night photos, and you´ll always have your tripod with you!

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