A NERF gun's evolution

Over at his personal blog, toy designer Barry Kudrowitz, a PhD candidate of the MIT Toy Lab, breaks down his design process for the Nerf Atom Blaster from the original concept — a palm-sized foam ball projectile called the Hand Popper — to production. I actually think the Hand Popper is a good deal neaterthan the finished product. The Atom Blaster [Wonder Barry via MAKE]
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6 Responses to A NERF gun's evolution

  1. Piers W says:



    I’ve been Alanis rolled. Do I have to click on something to keep the process going?

  2. TJ S says:



  3. Mr_Voodoo says:


    William Gibson gave a talk/lecture on the failure of irony in modern science fiction (as the present if far more ironic than fiction can hope to approach without seeming ridiculous.) Check it here:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this is just propaganda… but its related.

  5. Felix Mitchell says:

    “This mechanism of projecting balls is patented.”

    What? :(
    I like his designs, but the mechanism is just one of those popping toys that jump off tables… held in place and with a ball on top.

    Anyone who’s played with a hopper popper knows you can put stuff on top and it’ll fire it up in the air. This shouldn’t be patentable.

  6. Mr_Voodoo says:

    I don’t know. Considering the Nerf factory riots currently underway…

    Is there a word for unintentional contextual bad taste?

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