Black Friday sales up 3% on last year

black-friday-the-game.jpg This factoid can evidently be taken one way or another. There was also some confusion, with deals disappearing when they hit the checkout. HP and Microsoft promised 40 percent refunds at HP's online store, but the Microsoft's Live Search cashback program didn't award the advertised discounts, when they worked at all. [Techflash] Pic: Nature's Graffiti 2008 holiday sales definitely either good or bad [Christopher Null]

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5 Responses to Black Friday sales up 3% on last year

  1. kaiza says:

    I just lost the game.

  2. brianary says:

    Any chance the retail sector has manufactured this estimate to prime the pump?

  3. A New Challenger says:

    I bought some games and CDs on Amazon. They had some good deals!

    Also I too lost the game.

  4. Dean says:

    In the Yahoo News article, I was fully expecting them to say something along the lines of “That’s a smaller increase in size than the Internet!” or something equally bogus. The idea that the wads blown at Black Friday sales have gotten larger at all is unbelievable to me. Thankfully, we have the Average American to completely astound us with idiocy and bad fiscal practices.

    I happily slept in this year. In a pile of my saved money.

  5. zikman says:

    I think I hear one giant, collective sigh of relief from retailers. I can’t imagine what they would be thinking if sales had been like 20% less than last year, or something like that

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