Waistband Stretcher increases pant girth

A $30 gadget of simple and obvious utility, SkyMall's Waistband Stretcher adds 1-5 inches to cotton pants, skirts and shorts. From the blurb:
Just moisten the garment's waistband, insert the waistband stretcher, extend the garment to the desired size and let dry - voila, a more comfortable fit!
According to the specs, once you hit 45" round, you're beyond help. Waistband Stretcher [SkyMall via RGS]

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6 Responses to Waistband Stretcher increases pant girth

  1. airship says:

    Do they make one that stretches 10-20 inches? That I could use. So could all of the beer-bellied guys down at the corner tavern.

  2. wrybread says:

    Great idea, and nice design. I especially like the way the device appears to hold the button so the button doesn’t snap.

    One thing that occurred to me: another way to do this would be with a car jack…

  3. dculberson says:

    The mental image of lumbering over-indulged men with pants stretched, put on, then shrunk to fit like a second skin is too much for my mental circuit breakers to handle. [snap] to handle [snap] to handle [snap] …

  4. AirPillo says:

    You know when you’re in trouble when you’ve become so fat and lazy that you’re looking for ways to offload even the entirely passive work of stretching out your pants as you widen.

    Not satisfied with stretching them by virtue of your girth’s natural elasticity?

    (I’m kidding of course, actually this would be useful for pants that shrink too much after you purchase and wash them, though you could rig up a DIY solution pretty easily)

  5. SimeonW says:

    but, what if you have big thighs?

  6. SuperMarina says:

    I need the opposite of this thing. My jeans are always too wide in the waist!

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