BBtv: Freestyle Audio Soundwave underwater MP3 player review

What hath videoblogging wrought? It is my honor and personal shame to present my video review of the Freestyle Audio Soundwave underwater MP3 player. Using the miracle of not showing you my junk, this is my first nude videoblog, but remains safe for work. Except for my dancing, which if everything goes to plan, will induce crippling nausea. If you'd like a direct download — I'm looking at you, my furry fanbase — then here is a direct MP4 link.
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41 Responses to BBtv: Freestyle Audio Soundwave underwater MP3 player review

  1. Garr says:

    lol, as soon as you hit play you started shouting even louder than before :)

    1. Where are you looking? Someone behind the camera?

    2. Why didn’t you buy/review a cheapish underwater camera to go with it? :)

  2. caipirina says:

    ” and now the little prince is clean ” 😀

    hmm .. i had thought bout UW music years ago when I was still actively diving, my first mp3 player being the brick sized pjbox … I did not know there are UW cases for ipods … but then again 30ft / 10 m would not be enough for diving … rather 120 ft 😀

    Would be nice to have some light lounge or trance music down there (in the water) instead of just listening to bubbles …

    Very funny review .. cudos

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    Yep, same display as best buy own brand mp3 players, “insignia.”

  4. DeWynken says:

    It puts the lotion on its skin!

  5. fenrox says:

    So… just putting this out there… Why no nudity?

    It just hit me as I was watching your review, and in context of the review, I really wanted to see your naked body.

    I mean you were naked, are an adult and you are filming yourself in the shower. I think it’s a natural urge to want to see the entire shot.

    Now I’m sure that you don’t want your naked body all over the internet and linked to a spillion people forever, I mean those photos that you took of yourself for that girl/website are still out there and are totally being used by pervs, so I get the whole lets NOT show my nudity to everyone.

    But when will we get honest simple nudity to pepper our random information intake, I think if an all-nude tech review site were to come out it would fail, much like Naked News was lame. But if you got some naked action that organically fell into a newscast I think that would be lovely.

    This video just reminded me that eventually nudity taboos are gonna become a forefront issue eventually (like teens fashion or violent media) and some people at the forefront are gonna do some cool subtle things, like nudity in a crappy MP3 player review.

  6. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Fenrox, are you by any chance a furry?

  7. fenrox says:

    @ #6

    Man I hope not. Are we talking Furries like the people who dress up in costumes, I am definitely not one of those.

    If it means dudes that have hair (not that much…) that want to see Joel naked I guess I am one of those…

    But that sounds gay, like sex with men gay, and as a gay, I can say that there is no shortage in super hot gay porn, seriously there is just… SO MUCH. So… its not like i want to fap to him or anything.

  8. Bledsoefilms says:

    FYI, there was A LOT of editing involved in this piece…

    we won’t ever be the same

    Series Producer, BBtv

  9. Xeni Jardin says:

    @fenrox, there will be even more awkward sexual innuendo in joel’s next gadget review on boing boing tv. I think you will find this next one most enjoyable.

  10. Noelegy says:

    That was amusing, if only because he reminds me of my ex-husband in a vague and endearing fashion. But he did hit on the one weakness in the concept of an underwater MP3 player: water in your ears! That can ruin everything.

    I’m not sure I understand the need for an underwater MP3 player, anyway. If I want to listen to music in the shower, I turn on the CD player that’s in the adjacent bedroom. Then again, I have an iPod nano, second generation, and have missed out on all the nifty gadgets and docks that will fit it, since they’ve changed the verdammt shape again…

  11. Antinous says:

    That puts the question about the carpet matching the drapes to bed.

  12. Guesstimate Jones says:

    Never mind the video, I have real question, as a lap-swimmer: Is it actually submersible, or just water-resistant? I have a similar fm-radio, but the problem with it, is: The resistance from the water, as you swim through it, pulls the earbuds out of your ears.

    Can you actually SWIM, with the this device?

  13. Tits McGee says:


  14. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    @ #12, I would imagine it’s submersible and suitable for swimming…other wise I’m not sure what purpose the clip on the back of the player would serve. Joel, any insight on the use of the clip? 😀

  15. Joel Johnson says:

    Yup, it’s totally submersible. That is, in fact, the point. I just tested it in the shower because I wasn’t about to leave the house to go swimming. :)

  16. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    Good to hear, Joel, because if it was solely intended for intra-shower use, I shudder to think what you’d be doing with that clip.

  17. Enochrewt says:

    I’ve had a tough day, and this completely made it better (but not the naked part). I kind of want to hear music behind water in my ear canal…

  18. fenrox says:

    #16, Quick everyone, come up with uses for that clip if it were intended for showers only.

    Use #34 – Mobile creepy-AXE-ball-washing-disk holder.

    For the reals, is it to hold on to the actual MP3 player? How do you fasten it to whatever to keep it on you?

  19. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    Use #42 – Entertainment for the S&M enthusiast while washing up.

  20. Bledsoefilms says:

    Further uses for the MP3 player clip in shower will be elaborated on in this weeks Unicorn chaser- heh heh

  21. fenrox says:

    Xeni, I think you touched on a great idea, “intimate” gadget reviews? I mean if you have ever bought sex toy that has more than one part, you were probably just ripped off and are lamenting your purchase.

    I would love to see the companies that make those terrible vibro-rings get some critical reviews, or any reviews. Maybe some sort of blog partnership with babeland, hell maybe I should do this…

  22. Xeni Jardin says:

    @fenrox, sex toy reviews are not in our forseeable future at bbtv, but godspeed, fellow traveler.

    sexually suggestive worksafe reviews of totally nonsexual gadgets? yes, probably soon. they’re what internet hits are made of around here.

  23. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    I think we’ve stumbled upon a new niche market with this video…there is now apparently a demand for g33k p33n.

    Although how large it is would be anyone’s guess. The demand, I mean.

  24. Xeni Jardin says:

    @Chris The Tiki Guy: well, that or an overabundance of Deez Nuts jokes.

  25. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    @Xeni the last Deez Nuts joke I heard was while playing Kingdom of Loathing, and all I could produce was a forced, weak chuckle.

    The market had previously been saturated with Deez Nuts jokes, and they’d been devalued. Much like Winnie the Pooh merchandise.

    Oh, and @ #8 bledsoefilms, how do you bleach your eyeballs after editing footage like this without losing your sight completely? Is there some sort of sanity check you can roll beforehand? :)

  26. Anonymous says:

    What, not even a nipple?

  27. Bledsoefilms says:

    @ FENROX

    Check out Sue Johanson’s Pleasure Chest on the Oxygen Network:


    No, these clips come from Joel without warning, and they’re going in a direction the frightens me

  28. bibulb says:

    Say, I wonder if this plays MP3s as well as the MotoroAAAAAHHH MY EYES CLOSING THE WINDOW DOES NOTHING

    (Actually, pretty funny. Kudos.)

  29. Xeni Jardin says:

    @Chris the Tiki guy, an unlimited supply of eyeball bleach is one of the things we guarantee each member of Boing Boing tv production crew. That and whatever that godawful antifreeze-colored red bull knockoff it is that Derek drinks so damn much of. Monster, I believe.

  30. Xeni Jardin says:

    @bibulb: teh lulz.

  31. Anonymous says:

    *Nailed it!
    I again endorse these haphazard stumbled through reviews of inane gadgetry with 13 brands of highfivery. keep up the… work.

  32. the_boy says:

    @fenrox over at gawkers nsfw porn/sex blog fleshbot they have a fantastic and geeky series of sex toy reviews, under the title “marital aid test kitchen”. Actually, a guest post here by Lux Alptraum would be rather fantastic

  33. Not a Doktor says:

    @fenrox I respect you wishes and desires, but one thing I want less of in my life is (men’s) junk in my face.

  34. Halloween Jack says:

    You even kept your glasses on, you big damn nerd.

  35. RER says:

    Darn it, Joel. You’ve gone and gotten me aroused at work. Guess I’ll have to switch over to fox news to calm down.

  36. Gloria says:

    @34: That detail actually made my (let’s say, for the kids) heart flutter.

  37. smartsky says:

    Lets face it Joel’s really got that geeky, nerdboy, sex appeal mojo working for him. The girls like him, the boys who like boys like him, and even the boys who like girls think he’s kinda cute. So I’m voting for Joel doing naked shower reviews of pretty much anything. Heck, he could even do NSRs of Boing Boing’s best Unicorn Chasers. But keep it tasteful (perhaps too late for that), a little nip and a little bun is ok but no junk please.

  38. Anonymous says:

    @ 14, 16, 18 and, 19

    I too was disappointed that there was no mention of the belt clip in the video. It would have been so easy too:

    “Overall, nothing to make it stand out, but this display really sucks. So much so that I need both hands free to describe the suckage. Luckily, they provide a built-in belt clip. What you’re supposed to clip it to I have no idea…

    (looks down)

    “Oh, I see…”

    (fiddles with genitals, tastefully out of the shot)

    “oh, that is painful. Though not entirely unpleasant…

    (introspective look on face)

    …but back to the display; It sucks so much…”

    Here’s to more nut jokes in the unicorn chaser!

  39. Chocolatey Shatner says:

    Awww, Joel: you’re adorkable! Would you consider being my fake gay internet boyfriend?


  40. Anonymous says:

    You know, as painful as it was to watch you dance (Yes, I wanted to the very, bittersweet end) , I can’t help but look forward to your next review. So now I’ve seen you flop about in a sack (That bizarre sleeping bag thing) and rock out with your… shower on.

    You rock, Joel!

    (And BBTV producers/crew, thanks for taking one for the team! Or Several, considering how much he danced ^_^)

  41. Anonymous says:

    underwater mp3 players are aimed at lap swimmers. it sounds like a tin can above ground, but it probably sounds just fine when your head is submerged. i have an underwater mp3 player myself (well, had. i lost it :D) and it’s a different brand but yeah. sounds like crap when you’re anywhere else but underwater.

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