Nokia N97, their new flagship phone

Behold, the new Nokia N97, the hottest of the hot when it comes to Symbian-powered phones. It has both a large resistive touchscreen and a flip-up QWERTY keyboard. It's going to cost $700 — and won't be out for six months. Gizmodo has a mildly impressed hands-on, but it looks like the demo units floating around are far from what a shipping product will be. Phone Scoop also took a gander, calling it a "5800 on steroids". Here's two things to love: 48GB of memory on-board (32GB built-in, 16GB in a flash card); a five-megapixel camera capable, I'm sure, of shooting video. Nokia unveils N97 touch screen phone [Reuters] PreviouslyRIM BlackBerry Storm reviewed (Verdict: Not even a BlackBerry killer)
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  1. btb says:

    umgrego, you are comparing apples to oranges. the 6265i didn’t pretend to be anything other than a somewhat better-than-average camera phone (which it still is – pretty good considering it came out in 2005).

    Nokia’s smartphones (i.e. Symbian-based phones) are already at the same level as the iPhone, and they definitely fill the phone/camera/media player slots just fine. Anything Nokia does to make them more “iPhone-like” is just lateral movement.

  2. RyanMcFitz says:

    This is the first handset to make me suspect that my Nokia N95 is on its way out the door. The N95’s 5MP camera only falls short in its interface. Button real estate is at a premium and my stubby little typist’s fingers accidentally hit the wrong button frequently.

    But it does everything it promises. Flash & Acrobat reader, 5MP camera, 640×480 video at 30fps, 8Gb hot-swappable micro SD cards, turn-by-turn GPS. Oh — and the inevitable accelerometer-enabled lightsaber, of course…

    Giving my N95 the option of navigating by touchscreen fills me doe-eyed hope for an even brighter day.

    Comparing the iPhone to the N-series of Nokia smartphones on any basis *other* than touch interface is a little like bragging that *your* company spends way more on marketing than *my* company.

  3. musicalwoods says:

    It is capable of shooting video at 30fps.

  4. RyanMcFitz says:

    @albee, you’re right, of course.

    I lucked out — I bought my N95 cheap and unlocked (so I can wage my silent bitter war against Rogers) from a friend who stood in line to get an iPhone 3G. We sometimes chuckle that each of us thinks the other guy is a sucker.

  5. TJ S says:


    According to their press release, it’ll do 30fps with “DVD Quality”.

    My favorite thing has got to be the RSS-fed widgets though. If only I wasn’t stuck in a Helio contract :(

  6. Rocci says:

    I’m so excited this is finally coming out. I really wanted a Nokia with qwerty and touch. Although, I’m just going to get the unlocked version from as soon as its out.

  7. albee says:

    @ryanmcfitz — I appreciate what you’re saying about your N95, but $700 for an N97…it better do all that stuff and a WHOLE lot more! I thought these things were supposed to get cheaper…

  8. umgrego2 says:

    I have high doubts that this phone will be worth the bones. I used to own a 6265i. Great phone, but trying to use it for anything else was painful. Menu browsing was like wading through a tar pit and getting to where you wanted to go was counter-intuitive and would take too many steps. I tried using all of its functions, and the phone/calendar was the only thing I used regularly. For example, if my son wanted me to load up the spiderman show intro sequence, I would have to hit a 15 button combination to get it to play full screen and the process would take about a minute and a half. The pc connection software was even worse. I even dabbled in them generation using their proprietary software and I could get the job done, but, again, slow and counter-intuitive.

    My point is that Nokia does not seem to understand how to create a good user interface, so I am doubtful that this unit will be any different. I know there is way too much iphone trumpeting on BB but I have an ipod touch now and the interface is so easy and quick.

    Watch out, too, for Nokia’s claims about specifications. I was miffed when I found out that although 6265 has a 320×240 display, it can only handle 176×144 video.

    As far as cameras and video capture go, I’m a believer that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Apple has shown that a gadget can dutifully combine a phone with a media player and Blackberry has shown a good combination of phone and e-mail/calendar/texting. But I think we’re still a ways away from having a good phone/camera/media player combo.

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