Palm Death Watch: Revenue falls 41% short of projections

From Palm:
The company announced that it expects to record revenues for Q2 fiscal year 2009 in the range of $190 million to $195 million. The revenue decline vs. the company's Q1 fiscal year 2009 and Q2 fiscal year 2008 is a result of reduced demand for maturing smartphone and handheld products. The company stated that while it had expected these factors to pressure revenue in its November 2008 and February 2009 quarters, the difficult economic environment has greatly intensified the negative impact on product sales.
It's not the economy, stupid. It's that no one wants your phones anymore unless they're on deep discount. Palm Implements Programs To Reduce Operating Expenses by 20% by Q4 FY09 [ via Tom Krazit] PreviouslyReport: Palm's next-gen cellphones slipping deep into 2009
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9 Responses to Palm Death Watch: Revenue falls 41% short of projections

  1. Cowicide says:

    Don’t worry, Palm. The iPhone is still just a “fad”, right? Hahaha

  2. Baldhead says:

    Never assume that just because you have a suoerior product people will want it.

    But also, being in Canada, I’d need the aforementioned huge payout to even see if i like the thing.

  3. albee says:

    I have a Palm TX and it was a very handy gadget for me, but it definitely is showing its age. The biggest problem is the touchscreen has lost it’s ability to track taps especially on the periphery, so it’s impossible to tap on anything in the lower left corner. Also, I never found the multimedia features to be practical because you always had to wait too long, or it only liked very specific formats…not like an iPod or iPhone (with their vast ecosystem), which has soundly replaced it… I still keep my Palm around in its cradle–someday, I will show it to some young whippersnapper and wax eloquent about the good ol’ days when tinkering wasn’t just a pastime for dilettantes. In spite of what you may think of the iPhone, it is so much more responsive and simple to use. Palm is clinging to its own fading paradigm with what looks like a death grip…too bad because they were once at the forefront of handheld computer innovation…

  4. Chris S says:

    It’s that no one wants your phones

    Or, as is the case here in Canada, no one can even BUY your phones. Or perhaps afford them…

    Verizon, Palm Centro/CDMA: $99 (2yr, after rebate)
    AT&T, Palm Centro/GSM: $49 (2yr, after rebate)

    Rogers, Palm Centro/GSM: $349 (2yr)
    Bell, Palm Centrol/CDMA: n/a
    Telus, Palm Centro/CDMA: n/a

    I think it’s seriously unfair to criticize manufacturers when carriers have the vast majority of the power in the market. In Canada, I’d have to switch carriers, and I’d end up paying a very high price at the front end – after which, incidentally, I’d get roasted again every month on data rates. We never get unlimited data options (500 MB is typical, +$0.03/mb) and tethering is unavailable at any price.

    I’ve been a Palm customer since 1998, and I’d happily move to a an OS5 PDA-phone. But it’s hugely expensive, upfront and per month.

  5. michaelportent says:

    It’s gotta be hard going up against the iPhone and new Blackberry iterations. With HTC’s newest lines and all the touch phones launching this year, Palm is way behind the 8-ball.

    Having a last-gen line in a down economy is setting yourself up for failure.

  6. swedub says:

    I’m almost done with Palm. I’ve had a Palm device since the Handspring Visor (1999) and I have had 4 different Palm phone models over the years: Kyrocera 6035 (2001), Treo 300, Treo 600, & Treo 755p. Every phone worked as advertised even with the slow cell phone data speeds back in the day. I bought a lot of Palm software over the years so I liked staying with Palm. However, the 755p is a total piece of crap. I’m on my third replacement to no fault of my own. If it looses a cell signal it locks up, wants to re-provision and drains the battery. I was all excited back in 2005 when they announced they were going to make a Linux version of Palm from the ground up. I figured I could get a more stable and smoother OS and keep using my Palm apps on it. Unfortunately it’s been delayed over and over again and who knows when they will be able to bring a Treo running Linux to the market. I’m stuck with Sprint for a while (I have no complaints about Sprint) so I am waiting for them to put out an Android phone. Even though the CEO says that it’s not ready for them yet they have signed on to the Open Handset Alliance so it’s just a matter of time when they will be able to put their logo on one. Hopefully by then someone will have figured out how to run Palm apps on an Android phone. Even if it doesn’t I am making the switch. Then I will throw my Treo 755p so hard against a wall multiple times. Then I will recycle the remnants.

  7. Cowicide says:

    #4 POSTED BY COOP , DECEMBER 2, 2008 8:03 PM
    > Palm OS5 based Garmin PDA I can do basic operations
    > like search in my calendar for future meetings that I
    > can’t do on the damn Jesus Phone…

    Actually, you’ve been able to do that with calendar for a long time now with the polarbear hack.

    But, it was despicable that you had to jailbreak your Jesus Phone just to do that.

    Now what pisses me off is Apple isn’t letting polarbear sell the calendar search capability in the damn app store.

    I wish Palm and everybody else hadn’t been so damn smug when Apple first released the iPhone and had got crackin’ at pushing the envelope and, in turn, forced Apple to compete more themselves.

    I’ve found the whole iPhone App store SDK shit very demoralizing and I DO hope someone swoops in and kicks the iPhone’s ass and forces the Apple control freaks to get rid of the draconian crap holding back consumers on the iPhone.

  8. coop says:

    And yet, on my Palm OS5 based Garmin PDA I can do basic operations like search in my calendar for future meetings that I can’t do on the damn Jesus Phone…

    So, yes, the Jesus Phone is not a fad, yet there a LOT of things that an old Palm does better…


  9. The Unusual Suspect says:

    I became the proud owner of the iPhone 3G when my trusty old Razr expired, and I’m having a great time with it.

    But I still turn to my Palm T|X when there’s work to be done.

    This 4 (5?) year old PDA has Wifi, non-crippled Bluetooth, infrared, a 640×480 touchscreen, decent handwriting recognition and an SD card slot. It comes with software to use it as a fine MP3 player, a creator and editor of MS Office documents, an OK web browser, a picture viewer and a flexible e-book reader among others. 3rd party software exists to handle PDFs, video playback, games like Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem and much, much more. Oh, and it syncs easily and is infinitely hackable.

    And Palm stopped developing or promoting it. They only have themselves to blame.

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